No smart-ass or witty intro this time, it's Friday afternoon and I'm too tired. Here’s some more cool sh!t to wear, buy, watch, drink, eat, use and do while you’re in isolation!
If you're a germaphobe and currently on high alert then this could help ease the tension! Not sure I'd bother, but each to their own right. The UV Sanitiser destroys 99.9% of germs that live on your phone's surface, and 100% of its proceeds go to GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund. They're helping to send medical responders, essential supplies, and food to communities in need. That kind of tugs the heart strings and makes me want one now.
If you know me then you know I'm a jacket freak and I couldn't recommend the Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket more highly. Every time I wear mine I get comments, probably because it's 'dog's dick' pink but still cool; fact! They are hard to get because they sell out fast and they are not cheap either, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for. They are part of the Saint Laurent permanent collection so you will get one eventually if you keep your eyes on Mr Porter, END Clothing, Harrolds etc. There are a few on Grailed too if you're down for a pre-loved one.
History - It's been more than four or five years since Saint Laurent first introduced its Teddy jacket to the masses. Hedi Slimane (best designer ever), the man who designed the vintage-inspired varsity jacket, isn't even at the French brand anymore (now Celine), but that didn't stop celebrities wearing the design in every colour it comes in. Maybe it has something to do with how effortlessly the jacket walks the line between statement-making and classic. It's also cut to flatter in a way that no velvet bomber or satin souvenir jacket ever will. The heavy wool and contrast-leather shoulders make a guy look slim and buff at the same time, and the jacket goes with practically everything—even in neon pink like the one I own.
Weirdly one of the hardest things I find to buy is a classic white T-Shirt. I find it crazy that so many brands fuck this wardrobe staple up! Most of us guys want to look a bit James Dean sometimes and Mr P (Mr Porter's own brand) have done just that! The sleeves are shorter and show off the guns but not too much. The neck is perfect and not a deep V or some other bizarre shape that brands constantly do. The fit is relaxed but flattering and creates a great silhouette. It has no logos or labels on it and it washes like a dream! Enough said, right! They even come in 4 colours! They're my go-to gift if I need to buy someone clothes because they're that good, 
I even got my dad a 3 pack for Xmas to keep him looking sharp.
Trust me they cost a bit extra but in every way these are the best jeans on the planet! Amiri is by far and away my favourite brand at the moment and has been for the last 5 years; the rock n roll luxury vibe really does it for me! It's excessive but I have 6 pairs of Amiri jeans, I don't wear suits so they are kind of my uniform in and out of the office. They stretch so they are extremely comfortable, they're just the right amount of skinny, the denim is second to none and the zippers and buttons are the best quality I have seen. All the usual suspects stock them so get after a pair. You're welcome!
I'm a big fan of these things, they feel unreal! Being stuck inside, training hard, getting sore and not being able to get a massage means I currently have one of these in the cart! Be careful though, if you look at them once online or Instagram you will be stalked by their ad-bot until you pull the trigger, but I can honestly tell you they are really, really good and I think I'm going to cave and buy one anyway. As an added bonus, they're donating proceeds of their sales to causes helping in Covid relief, so I almost feel bad not buying one!
White City House, part of the Soho House Group in London (my home away from home) has these in their epic gym and I use them every time I go, they are so good! They aren't cheap, but like I always say 'you get what you pay for' and to justify it more, if it saves you from getting a few massages or chiro appointments you'll save the $439 AUD in the long run. There are 2 other models, the G3PRO that is a lot more expensive but it's the full on Pro model that all the professional sports teams have in their gyms - dare I say that would be the one to get if you can afford it! There is also a cheaper version for around $300 AUD but I'd go the G3 personally.
If I'm honest I'm not a huge boat guy, but that said, I do like partying on them and I'd love one if I could afford it! This beast is something else, have a look at it! The latest creation from Milan-based studio Officina Armare Design is another sleek vessel that brings to mind luxury sportscars. The A88 Gransport Yacht features a streamlined silhouette along with frozen grey colors for an elegant yet aggressive profile. The hard-top yacht adds teak and carbon fiber accents throughout and is powered by twin 2,600-hp MTU 16V 2000 M94 diesel engines that push the boat to more than 40-knot speeds at wide-open throttle. It can also sleep up to 8 guests in 4 cabins and includes a Master Suite with a sit-down shower (WTF), king-sized bed, and a mini lounge area.
Ooft, I have been waiting to tell anyone who will listen and geek out on this sh!t for years! It's time to wash your hands and your car! I'm hoping to jump on an Instagram live chat with the founder, Larry next week to go over everything car detailing and how to do it properly yourself.
It's not just about how it works and why it looks so good and lasts so long if you do it properly, it's more about mental health for me! I use the 1-3hrs it takes me to detail the AMG to really cool the jets, not think about work or any other stresses that creep up. For me, it's a form of mindfulness. I find it very cathartic and damn, you appreciate it when you're done because the rewards are instant and awesome. Larry Kosilla is the brains and the mad scientist/perfectionist behind Ammo NYC and he has spent the majority of his career perfecting his range of products; a man after my own heart albeit in a different industry. Check out his videos on YouTube and be careful it will be 2am before you realise haha!
I'm sure Billy Bob Thornton uses our products, I'm fucking sure of it; what else would he use right! I'm also sure they wrote the script for Goliath just for him! It's like Bad Santa crossed with The Good Wife or something like that! If you're chasing a good series to get into with the extra time on your hands give it a watch, it's pretty good and Billy Bob is perfect for the role. I think there are 3 seasons out with a 4th on the way soon, hopefully.
I've just ordered a bottle of this. It sounds like the real deal and I love the company ethos! It's a cognitive supplement designed to heighten mental clarity and sharpen your focus. Nootro-Focus uses natural nootropics, psychostimulants and patented ingredient technology to support your brain health now, and in the future. It's tough in the office by myself trying to stay sane and on point so I'll take whatever advantage I can get at the moment.
Cognitive supplements fall into two camps: they’re either instant effect with no long-lasting impact, or have no immediate results and little reassurance that your mind is improving over time. The ingredients in Nootro-Focus are clinically proven to increase neurotransmitter activity and fuel the brain, while improving memory, attention + focus. Short term, Nootro-Focus works to reduce restlessness and sharpen mental clarity, increasing Alpha brain waves, helping you zone in on the task in front of you. Within six weeks, the ingredients in the formula have been clinically proven to increase the production of crucial “brain fuel” ATP (adenosine triphosphate) by 13.6%, and increase the formation of brain cell membranes by 26%.
Clinical studies show that memory + recall is improved within six weeks, while nerve growth factor (NGF) aids neurogenesis and protects the brain, long-term. Nootro-Focus is 100% caffeine-free and has been designed for daily use. L-Theanine is clinically proven to increase alpha brain waves, delivering a calm focused state, wow; told you!
I'm a massive James Bond fan, our company 'Patricks Universal Exports' is named that because of James Bond's undercover company name 'Universal Exports'. All of our barcodes on our packaging have a 007 in them and believe it or not, I've never had a Martini! But I'm going to make one this week and this is how I'm going to do it!
Every James Bond fan will recognise the lines in this recipe as the first Martini Bond ordered in Ian Fleming's 1953 book, 'Casino Royale'. It is possibly the most famous drink order in history, it's extremely precise, and recreating the Vesper Martini at home is easier than you think.
This drink is purely fictional, one created by the author in his first book about the now-famous British Secret Service agent. It's even become known as the Bond martini. Of course, as any devotee of the books or movies knows, Bond is very fond of fine cocktails and this was certainly not the last drink in the series. The Vesper Martini is interesting because it combines gin and vodka with dry vermouth. It's a very potent mix and Fleming (er, Bond) is very specific about brands for two of the ingredients involved.
3 ounces gin (Gordon's)
1 ounce vodka
1/2 ounce dry vermouth (Lillet)
Garnish: lemon peel
Here's how to make the Vesper according to Ian Fleming and James Bond: Bond: "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?" (Casino Royale, Chapter 7.)
Carrying on the 007 theme, much to the chagrin of James Bond enthusiasts like me, he now wears an Omega instead of the much loved Rolex! In my opinion if 007 is going to wear an Omega I think it should be the Seamaster Ploprof 1200M. It's actually the real deal and would've quite suited James Bond's under water missions as well as his nocturnal atrocities.
In 1970 OMEGA officially launched a watch that had been created to withstand the crushing pressures endured by divers working deep below the ocean’s surface. It was the Seamaster Professional 600, the so-called “Ploprof” (from plongeur professionnel – French for “professional diver”). It was among the most robust and seaworthy divers’ wristwatches ever made. The 70's Ploprof made a bold style statement. Its case could not be mistaken for that of any other watch: the screwed-in crown was located at 9 o’clock under a protective buffer. This unique positioning allowed freer wrist movement and prevented inadvertent manipulation ideal for serious divers.
The current Seamaster Ploprof 1200M collection launched in 2016 has a similar look to the original, but their titanium cases, ceramic bezels on some models and OMEGA Co-Axial and Master Chronometer calibres take the extreme dive watch not only to new depths but also to new heights.
You can buy the 70's originals fairly cheaply in watch terms on Chrono24 and similar sites, or you can ball out and get the new one! I'd prefer the old one.
If you're going to drink like James Bond, you'll inevitably end up smoking like him! If you do, not that I recommend it, get a decent lighter and something that will still be cool in 50 years. If you get it right, your kids will be stealing it to light cigs behind the dunnies in High School. Another tip for business and life (whether you smoke or not) is to always carry a lighter when out on the town. It can lead to some crazy things if you can light someone's fire when they are in need and it's a little bit chivalrous too!
The classic S.T. Dupont, with its famous opening 'cling' recognised by those in the know, is that lighter. Its balanced proportions make it the most universally recognised of S.T. Dupont's coveted range, showcasing pure lines, noble materials and is finished in Yellow Gold. Consider this your next family heirloom.
Thanks for reading and supporting the brand, super appreciated. Stay safe, keep an eye on your friends and family and please follow the WHO instructions. We all have to do our best to flatten the curve. Patrick

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