I was talking to someone the other day and said 'imagine if you just got a normal cold or flu right now, you'd shit yourself!' Well, I did and I did... I caught a cold off my kids that freaked me out, but not COVID-19 thankfully! After 3 weeks I'm almost fully self sustaining in the office at this point. I've set up a home gym, listened to a lot of heavy metal and Joe Rogan, and am now pretty heavy into Astrophysics and Darwin's theory of evolution thanks to the latter. Here’s some more cool sh!t to listen to, read, watch, drink, wear and do while you’re in isolation! I'm not going to get into the politics or effects of what's happening at the moment; I'm sure your inbox and social media feeds are full of it so I'll try to keep this positive!
Maybe, maybe not, but If you want to go all Navy Seal level protection from EVERYTHING then this is probably the one for you... Exposure to lead, asbestos, and mould can not only wreak havoc on your lungs but can also lead to seizures, muscle and joint pain, and cancer. Developed for military and law enforcement, the Project Black TR2 Tactical Respirator II is your first line of defence from these environmental hazards. The respirator is more than 99% effective and is expected to have a NIOSH N99 filtration. Its compact design reduces cheek-weld interference to minimize bruising while soft, medical-grade silicone exterior creates a strong seal even with facial hair. It's also designed for multiple strap options and is compatible with headsets and mics.
Whatever you're listing to will sound 
fu<king awesome on this! I think this is one of the best looking home speakers on the market; the concrete and the shape really does it for me. They did have 50% off these the other day too, not sure if it's still on sale but worth a shot either way.
Master & Dynamic has partnered with Sir David Adjaye to design in my opinion, one of the best looking home speakers I have seen that draws upon distinctive premium materials and sensory-focused craftsmanship for which both partners are known.
The MA770, a CES Innovation awards honouree redefines the sound experience. Designed with Sir David Adjaye, the WiFi or Bluetooth connected speaker is made of an acoustically superior proprietary concrete composite. Audio componentry incorporates efficient dual 4" woven long throw woofers and a 1.5" titanium tweeter which are tuned to provide a rich, detailed and expansive sound that perfectly fills the home, office or studio. A magnetically attached stainless steel grille is removable for those that prefer the look of the exposed components and hand-finished concrete.
I pre-ordered a pair of these the day I found out about them, thanks Mason! Jacques Marie Mage are in my opinion, one of the best sunglass designers and manufacturers in the world. They have collaborated with the Italian style master, Alessandro Squarzi, on a limited edition new colorway of hickory and charcoal on the 'Dealan' frame and as you'd expect, they look sick! They'll go quick, so get after it if you're after a pair of sunglasses that your kids will be wearing when you're long gone.

I was super reluctant to do this because I'm not the most flexible guy and I almost feel like I've left it too late, but I was so sore and stiff from my home office workouts this week that I gave it a go on Monday morning and man I felt awesome afterwards! I'm sure lot's of you do this already, but if you haven't, it's not that hard and the feeling after is really, really good! I'll be so flexible I'll be sucking myself off in 2 months time at this rate...

  I nearly got one of these a few years ago after one of the best days of my life, tearing through the Hollywood Hills and Mulholland Drive with a friend of a friend who has one! The guy, who is now a good mate of mine was the head designer for BMW for over 15 years and this was his weapon of choice. I ended up getting a C63s station wagon because when I was looking for one of these, there weren't any on Carsales. There's a few around at the moment and I'd highly recommend getting one now that everything in the engine world is being restricted and getting quieter. This is the last naturally aspirated 4L V8 that BMW did in the M3, before the turbo's came along and as an investment, I think they'll continue to be in demand and go up in value as people crave that screaming V8 sound that is so emotive. There is a 4 door option that would be way more practical and a bit more of a wolf in sheep's clothing. I like that!

One of the few emails I get each day that I really look forward to! Uncrate sell some of the coolest stuff on the planet curated mostly for men. They also sell our products too!!! I don't need to write a whole thing about how cool they are just check it out and you'll see.
"I love a Sazerac in the morning" quote Richard 'Pirate' Jones (one of my best mates and godfather to my little boy, Sash)! It's a kind-of variation of the Old Fashioned that I actually prefer when done well!
4 dashes Peychauds Bitters
1 Sugar Cube
1oz Rye Whiskey
1oz Cognac
Preparation: Add ingredients to a mixing glass and muddle the sugar with either a muddling spoon or a muddler. Add Ice and stir. Separately in the Cocktail glass wash the sides with Absinthe. You can even use an Atomizer if you have one to add an even coat. Strain the cocktail into the glass and garnish with a lemon peel. Make sure that you zest lemon oil from the peel over the drink. I have linked this to a YouTube video that explains it well if that's easier.
History: The Sazerac cocktail is purported to have been invented in 1850 in New Orleans by a man named Antoine Amedee Peychaud. He was a pharmacist who ran a drugstore from which he would prescribe medicine, but would also make toddies and tonics as cure-alls as well as a drink with his famous Peychauds Bitters (adapted from a family recipe), which is still served in Sazeracs and other cocktails to this day. The Original recipe called for Cognac or Brandy which changed to Rye in about 1865 due to a blight on wine grapes.The Phylloxera Aphid was wreaking havoc in France and completely stopped Brandy and Cognac production.
The cocktail also took a hit when Absinthe was banned in many countries, but the Sazerac hungry public were more than happy to drink anise flavoured liquor in it's place. in 2002 the ban was lifted and we can have Absinthe again, and of course we have Brandy and Cognac available, but the Rye version has really established itself.

If you're Doomsday prepping this will be a good start! Combining the knowledge of first responders, survivalists, and designers, RINO Ready's Companion was created to save lives and ensure you're prepared for almost any situation you might encounter. The world's most advanced two-person survival system, The Companion is loaded with over 40 life-saving products. Designed in California, each system features a full-view, customizable velcro base, with a main chamber that allows for quick access to the eight main pouches. It has tuck-away straps, a modular exoskeleton, and is built with fire resistant and waterproof materials. The Companion is functional, compact, and ready to tackle the harshest environments on earth.
I don't have the time or the patience but people love a puzzle! Unlike a typical jigsaw puzzle where you rely on distinct objects to place the pieces, the Gradient Puzzle focuses on the color of each piece, instead. The monochrome image fades from white at the top to black at the bottom, with only the shades of gray in between to guide you. It's made from thick stock and high-quality art paper, so it can be enjoyed over and over without fraying.

It’s safe to say that the Royal Oak is one of the hottest watches on planet Earth right now. Nobody can argue with that, right? Every limited edition sells out nearly instantly and most main line models have waiting lists that range from months to years. Within the Royal Oak family, the complication to have is the perpetual calendar, and within the Royal Oak perpetual calendar family, the watch to have is the black ceramic version. It’s been that way since it debuted in January 2017 and demand hasn’t slowed down much, if at all. So you can imagine the attention AP garnered when, earlier this year, they announced that the watch would now come in white ceramic.
I got instant anxiety just looking at this lactic acid inducing devil bike!
Yep they're that bad. I did CrossFit for a long time and these were always my most feared session. They fu<king hurt you and they fu<king hurt you fast, BUT how fu<king cool does it look!!! I'm on the waiting list for the Australian delivery from Rogue Australia. I'll probably set it up and just look at it and have panic attacks and never actually train on it... Haha jokes, it's actually awesome cardio/conditioning and very low impact too.
I haven't read this yet, but if it's anything like his other books I'll adore it! Christopher Hitches was born to rage against em'. Savage, loving and arguably one of the best debaters that lived, he won't be everyones cup of tea, but you have to look at both sides of things to make your own conclusions on life, politics, religion etc.. If you like his point-of-view, search 'Hitch slap' in YouTube and enjoy.
Over the last thirty years Christopher Hitchens has established himself as one of the world's most influential public intellectuals. His originality, bravery, range and wit made him first a leading iconoclast of the political left, and then later a formidable advocate of secular liberalism. As a socialist he opposed the war in Vietnam, after September 11 he emerged as one of the fiercest advocates of war in Iraq. In this long-awaited and candid memoir, Hitchens re-traces the footsteps of his life to date, from his childhood in Portsmouth with his adoring, tragic mother and reserved naval officer father; to his life in Washington DC, the base from which he would launch fierce attacks on tyranny of all kinds. Along the way, he recalls the girls, the boys and the booze; the friendships and the feuds; the grand struggles and lost causes; and the mistakes and misgivings that have characterised his life. Hitch-22 is, by turns, moving and funny, charming and irascible and inspiring. Agree or disagree, love him or hate him, readers of Hitch-22 have all agreed on one thing: they can't ignore him. This provocative memoir is an indispensable companion to the life and thought of an outstanding political writer.
Mason, again; the cool kid in our office got me onto these guys a few months ago and I haven't stopped listening to them since! I booked tickets to see Tame Impala in Sydney and turns out Khruangbin are supporting, the concert has obviously been moved to later in the year but I'm pumped to see them live! I have linked a cool YouTube set they did a while ago that got me hooked. Also check out the Hip Hop Medley they performed in Chicago, so rad. Khruangbin (Thai for airplane or literally 'engine fly') are a jet setting trio from Texas whose smooth, mainly instrumental music is heavily inspired by Thai rock and folk from the 60s and 70s, as well as a multitude of other influences ranging from surf rock to dub to Iranian pop. Active since the early 2010s, the groups indefinable yet singular and highly accessible sound has attracted a remarkably wide audience. Whip up a Sazerac or crack a nice bottle of red and enjoy...

Thanks for reading and supporting the brand, super appreciated. Stay safe, keep an eye on your friends and family and please follow the WHO instructions, we all have to do our best to flatten the curve.

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